Happy Ash Wednesday.

The sun came out in Houston. In fact, I would venture to say that last Sunday was likely one of the best days I have seen in all my life in this corner of the world. 60, sunny, no wind. Love it. Today it reached 80 degrees so who knows what the remaining time will be like here in Htown.

I’ve squared away my next living arrangements in Boulder from April-September. I’m not sure as to whether or not I will stay longer, but this is the longest planned stay I have had in one location in quite some time. I might stay in Boulder permanently, but we’ll have to see how financially viable that is for me once things get rolling.

Training has gotten rolling as well. Over the last couple weeks I managed 20 hours/week and even threw a birthday in the mix (26). One of the better bdays I can remember; for sure. My hometown buddies stepped it up and I think we all achieved rock star status for a night. I did train quite a bit on my actual birthday, but I assure you that I did_very_little (read:nothing) the day after.


This Season:

I had a deep break this year from the previous one. I hardly rode my bike for two months and then I spent about six weeks with only 12-15 hours/week of training. I just kept moving at a reasonable pace until I started to feel that fire to fight. It took some time, but as February nears it end I feel physically and mentally sharp; and all before the heaviest and hardest training has even gotten rolling. I don’t think my choice to lay down solid training in Jan and Feb of years’ past was a mistake, but doing so this year might have been.

Tentatively it looks as though my season will include:

Lonestar Tri HIM April in Galveston

Tri 101 in Brandenton, Florida on May 6

Ironman CdA on June26

Boulder Peak (maybe)

5430 HIM Aug 12


Not much of a race schedule, but it’s a start. Off to massage,