"This conversation is about as arbitrary as discussing
what we would do with our own aircraft carriers."

-I said this after a discussion about which women
appeal to us (Blake and I). Our eat-sleep-train
pattern leaves little time for real world


My favorite swim training partners have been female. I
realized this the other day when Heather Gollnick was
in town. Heather is originally from WI and knows Blake
so she joined us last week for one of our swim
workouts (or, perhaps we joined her since she was the

Last year I consistently swam with Marilyn MacDonald
and Joanna Lawn and both had 'the look.' Once the
workout would start they were completely engaged with
the workout and their eyes never waivered from the
clock between sets. Heather was the same way. For a
few moments, nothing really matters to them other than
that set of 200s. I like that kind of focus. They are
friendly as ever before and after the workouts, but
they are all business during the set. I like that as


Blake and I headed over to Jacksonville this past
weekend for the Gate River Race 15K. It was the U.S.
National 15K championship so plenty of people made it
to the race. My cousin David and his wife Alicia, who
live in Jax, were planning to race as well so it was a
great chance to catch up with family and get a race

The race is relatively flat except for a bridge in
mile 2 (not such a big deal) and big bridge in mile 8
(big deal). My average HR for mile 8 was 190. Pretty
rough. I finished up in 54:48 and beat my goal of 55
flat (but you won't find my results since I lost my
chip around mile 5 or so). David, Alicia and BB also
had good races and we celebrated with a few free beers
courtesy of Miller afterwards.


I'm planning to race an OLY race this weekend so that
will be the first race of the season.


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