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One-Hour Workout: Your New Favorite Fartlek Run

This week’s fartlek run workout comes from pro triathlete and Endurance Corner coach Justin Daerr. The Boulder, Colo.-based coach says you can do the workout once through, or do it as a pyramid and work your way back down. “The first way is more of a ‘feel good’ session, the second way is a bit more challenging,” he says. The recovery time is equal to the hard effort.


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The Most Important Run Workouts For Triathletes

The Transition Run

Most working athletes are time-limited, and getting in numerous sessions in the week can be a challenging task. With this in mind, strive to run off the bike on your key cycling workout days to help increase run frequency while developing the skill of running off the bike with ease.


Win in Ironman Texas would be extra special... - Houston Chronicle

Win in Ironman Texas would be extra special for Daerr, who grew up here

Justin Daerr isn't sure how he became a professional triathlete.

Growing up in Houston, he didn't play organized sports at Lamar High School. No track and field, no cross country. And while he was at Texas A&M, he didn't know any other triathletes.

So even he would like to know how it happened. Then he would have an answer for all the people who ask him.

But he does know what keeps him going.


Justin Daerr Races on Hometown Turf at Ironman Texas

In 2002 a fresh-faced Texas A&M undergrad came up to me after the Houston Marathon, proud to have run three hours and 38 minutes in his first attempt at the distance. He had read some of my articles on IRONMAN training and wanted to know more about triathlon. He was polite, intelligent and had that longing in his voice that made me think he might develop that "necessary obsession" that makes a champion.


IM Talk Episode 282 - Justin Daerr


IM Talk Episode 282 - Justin Daerr - October 24, 2011

IM Talk has an interview with Justin Daerr about speed training for Ironman. Check out the camps that Justin and the team at Endurance Corner.

Moving on Up -

Moving on Up - - September 9, 2008

Justin Daerr finished the 2001 Ironman California in 12:55 and just 2 years later he recorded a 9:20 finish at Ironman Florida. A couple weeks ago he was 5th overall at Ironman Canada in a time of 8:37 and we had a talk with him.


The Journey of JD Part 1 -

The Journey of JD Part 1 - - March 15, 2008

In May of 2001 I finished my first Ironman (California) in 12:55:03. I swam 1:20:34, biked 6:25:24, and barely broke five hours on the marathon running 4:59:58. In November of 2007 I finished Ironman Florida in 8:40:25. I swam 55:27, biked 4:41:12, and broke three hours on the marathon running 2:59:51. As I look back on the past seven years, I essentially think of my progression occurring in two separate blocks: the jump from 12:55 to 9:20 and the jump from 9:20 to 8:40. Both were considerably challenging, but the approaches were different. In this first installment I will cover what it took for me to make the first move. 


A Typical Ironman Training Week -

A Typical Ironman Training Week - - June 1, 2005

It can be enlightening to read how a real athlete trains. The following is by Justin Daerr, an age-group triathlete. 

Throughout the triathlon season my training schedule is continually changing. During the early part of the year my coach, Joe Friel, and I focus more on strength training and skills. I still spend a fair amount of time on the road, on the trails, and in the pool, but the overall intensity of the sessions is low.