I have periodically been sitting at this computer
uploading CDs to my Dell MP3 player and its been
bringing back a lot of memories. I buy most music
online now so anything that comes from an original CD
is a bit older. So what albums/artists do I listen to?
Well, I pretty much listen to anything if its good,
but not much pop country (read: Toby Keith, Big and
Rich, Kenny Chesney, etc.) I don't avoid this kind of
music. It just turns out this way.

In no particular order, some of the CDs in front of me
include The Specials, 2Pac, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, The
Doors, Master P, The Offspring, NOFX, Buck-O-Nine,
Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim, Pink Floyd, Unwritten Law,
Marley, Hendrix, Vengaboys, ABBA, Sublime, Metallica,
OAR, Jack Johnson, Sublime, Riverdales, weezer,
Widespread, Jurassic 5, Zeppelin etc, etc.

So what do some of these CDs remind me of:

The Doors (Best of the Doors): I did an elementary
school project in fourth grade about Jim Morrison. I
dressed up like him and did a biographical
presentation. My peers didn't think much of it, but
the adults must have been a bit perplexed.

Master P (Ghetto Dope): Man who doesn't remember
jamming to 'Burbans and Lacs' back in the day? I must
have honestly thought I was the coolest person in the
world as I blared that from my car in high school.

NOFX (Punk in Drublic): Summer of 1995. I took a trip
to Sweden to visit my family for almost seven weeks.
Somehow I forgot every CD except this one and another
one by Ten Foot Pole. I probably have every word
memorized on both those albums. Its amazing that I
don't actually hate this album.

Jack Johnson (On and On): This takes me back to 2003
when I spent the month of August in and around
Boulder. I was staying with my friend in Wandervu
(just behind the Cafe if you know the area). I had to
drive about 30 minutes at the beginning and end of the
day to train in the Boulder valley (his place sits at
9000 ft above Boulder). Every morning I would listen
to this album on the way to train for the day.

Sublime (40oz to Freedom): In 95-96 I went to the
Crested Butte Academy and Sublime came to town (yeah,
to CB) in December of 1995. I had just started
listening to them and I blew off the concert for
whatever reason. Brad died the next month.

ABBA (Gold): In the summer of 1999 My father, brother
and I took Swedish classes at my mother's former
university in Lund, Sweden. After four weeks there,
the three of us took a road trip to Spain and back
(with stops along the way). We were in this little
French car that had the weakest radio ever. It got a
signal for a radio station that would last a few
kilometers and if were weren't in a city, then forget

The car did have a tape player, but none of us have
any tapes. We eventually found ourselves in some music
store in Andorra and I decided that we needed to get
something. The tape selection was very limited so we
ended up getting ABBA Gold, Janis Joplin's Greatest
Hits, and the Beach Boys' Greatest Hits. All very
macho for our macho trip.

I assumed we would get more music at the next stop or
at least some time in the future, but_we_never_did.

Funny thing is that at first we would delay the
"replay". We would listen to the three tapes, then
take them out and look around and chit chat.
Eventually the three-play would start all over again.
Soon enough, that down time became shorter and shorter
and we literally came to the point where we just
played them over and over without delay. It was really
funny because we were cracking ourselves up day after
day and all three of us were good sports about the
whole matter.

OK, I need to swim.


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