New Year, New Season. Greetings from a frigid Boulder. The last few days have seen single digits in the a.m.; quite a contrast to the warm winter we had last year. Even though the cold temps have made it challenging to ride, the rest of the training has been going pretty well. I decided to race Panama 70.3 this year (February 3rd) so staying on task in January has been a must, even when its a bit chilly.

After racing in Panama on the first weekend of February, I'll be heading down to Tucson for three weeks. The first two weeks I will be attending a training camp led by my coach, Cliff English. Each Spring he holds a 2-3 week camp for his athletes. Its a great chance to get out of the cold weather for a bit; and its particularly helpful in getting in some decent riding when coming from a Colorado winter.

The last week of my trip to Tucson will be for the Endurance Corner Tucson Camp. Tucson feels more and more like a second home to us as this will be the sixth year of hosting the camp. We still have spots available (as of Jan 15) so if you are interested, click here.

Following the Tucson Camp, I'll be back home and the only trips from there on out will be for racing. I haven't quite finalized the plans in March and April, but I hope to race 2x as a lead into Ironman Texas. Much of this will be dependent on my training progression in the next six weeks. The primary goal is based around performing well in Texas, so we'll be looking to make decisions (about racing) that support that goal.

Look for an update following Panama in a few weeks.

Until then,


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