Its been a slow crawl back on the training wagon, but I'm finally getting moving again. I got pushed out the door after getting a bike fit from the folks at Retul. They made some changes to my seat height and my right cleat and then asked that I go out on a few rides to see how it felt. Since I had done zero rides in up to that point it was a bit of a bold request. After going out on a few test rides I actually found myself training again (I had been swimming and running; just not riding) so I figured I'd just roll with it. I was very appreciative of the help the folks at Reul provided for me and I would suggest using their system for anyone that wants a formal fit.

Christmas Fit.

Joe Friel often uses this term when he speaks about athletes that are rocking the house in the offseason. Suggesting the need for an offseason (and a break from being fit) is pretty much the genereal consensus that most coaches/experts suggest (the length of time and structure might vary amongst those folks). However, after taking a pretty solid break (3 weeks OFF, five off the bike, and two more weeks very easy) I can see the temptation to stay fit. Nevertheless, the time off gave me the chance to catch up on a lot of things after being gone from home for ten weeks.

However, I'm going to have to leave again because of a couple things:

This coming weekend I will be attending the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio on behalf on EAS. I'm not exactly sure what I will be doing there just yet, but I'm looking forward to it at any rate.

After the weekend trip I will be in Houston, Texas speaking to the Houston Racing Triathlon Club on March 9th about how to put together an effective training program (as well as a really informal Q+A about anything that interests the folks attending). If you all happen to be in the area please stop by and check it out; its free.

You can get more info here.

All for now,