Its interesting how one's perspective can change over
time. I used to go inside when it was below 40 degrees
outside. On Monday I went running when it was eight
below zero and it wasn't all that bad. I would not
want to spend a whole season doing it, but its fine
for the time being. It probably helps to have pretty
mountains to look at while freezing my butt off.

My point on perspective is that I am currently waiting
for it to "warm up." Once it gets to -10 I'll start my
morning run. Maybe this will gain me some respect from
my friends up north, but I doubt it. I remember
reading about a group of folks training through the
winter in Fairbanks, Alaska. They routinely shoveled
lane one at the track each week. I hope summer makes
it worth it.

Things are starting to get rolling again. I spent four
weeks "off the clock" following Ironman Florida. I
managed a trip to Sweden in there. The entire side of
my mother's family is overseas so its always fun to
get over there and see everyone. It was cold and dark
there, but I had a great time hanging out with
everyone and drinking a little wine. I likely had too
much wine one night as I found myself in a club one
night trying to imitate Madonna's routine from "Hung
Up." I failed, but I think I scored some points for
the ol' U.S. of A.

Since returning I've been at my parents' place in
Crested Butte, Colorado. We have been getting hammered
with snow, especially over the previous weekend. I had
planned on snowboarding once or twice over three
weeks, but I ended up venturing over to the hill three
times in the first week I was here. Its fun since the
entire mountain is made up of locals for the time
being (and the lift tickets are half price). Crested
Butte is a destination resort and does not receive
much of the front range traffic so the
in-between-dates can be sweet. If any of you are
planning a trip to the Rockies over the holidays I
wouldn't worry about snow conditions. It has been
taken care of.

I will be in Crested Butte for another eight or nine
days before heading down to Houston, Texas for the
holidays. I plan on getting there by the 17th, but I
haven't quite figured out the logistics yet. I'll be
there through the 28th (at least) and then its off to
Clermont until Memorial Day. I'm getting pretty pasty
white up here in the high country, but I think FL will
help reverse that.

Hopefully I'll get an adventure or two in while I'm
still here.