Season's greetings!

I meant to write more frequently after arriving here
in Houston, but the holidays always wear me out (in a
good way) and I get caught up in doing very little the
week of Christmas. My family gets bigger and bigger
each year with marriages and such and more and more
events seem to appear on the calendar. I also take a
lot of time to see my friends that I don't see
throughout the year.

Its always interesting (and extremely fun) to see them
my friends from home.

When I was in high school and college I spent my
summers working at Camp Longhorn outside of Austin,
Texas. Each summer the counselors would all return one
year older and the changes that occurred in everybody
were significant. You don't notice mental and physical
maturation when you see the same people every day, but
when months and years go by you really get a grasp on
how much, or how little, someone has grown.

I have definitely noticed a significant change in 'the
guys' here in Houston from last December to December
2005. Many are more relaxed and more confident now
that are not completely new to the working world.


Anyways, on the training side of things...

Not much right now as I'm sitting here nursing some
sort of cold and fever. Its a bit of a drag especially
since I don't think I have had a fever since high

Before that I was training lightly and things will
start to pick up once I get to Florida some time in
the next 4-7 days (depending on illness).

I must say that I am itching to get back into things.
Visiting Houston and celebrating almost nightly has
left me feeling a bit soft.

Hopefully I'll report shortly from my new temporary
residence in Clermont, Florida. Its time to get 2006


Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.