I often think it is pretty absurd to have conversations about "what I/you would do if I/you won the lottery." Nevertheless, I found myself in the midst of one of those conversations while hiking up to American Lakes with Brooke.

Thing is; when I participate in these conversations its even more absurd because I don't actually buy lottery tickets (and I doubt anyone I read about in Forbes does either). So instead of pondering what I would do if I won the lottery I am actually pondering about what I would do if some random guy came up to me and handed me a ridiculous amount of money. That is truly absurd.

I'm not spinning this into anything. Its simply something I thought about the other day.



This past Monday I was swimming with Chris at Elks. We weren't particularly moving very fast, but our breathing sure made you think that we were.

I turned to him between a set and said "Can you believe you were an Ironman Champion two weeks ago?"

Remember this: someone who is always fit is never really fit.

Some of the fastest people in the world have wonderful amounts of unrealized potential. It takes guts to back off from your last level of peak fitness to build yourself up again. Some people might have thought Chris was crazy when he took a month off this spring, but I'm willing to bet he didn't look so dumb crossing the finish line first in Kentucky this summer.


By the way, I'll be racing Ironman Florida this November. It will be the final event of this season and I'm sure it will go well so long as the next month of training goes at it should.



If an athlete is racing well, he or she is not "racing well." They are "going good." It has nothing to do with correct or incorrect grammar. Its simply the way it is.

Just thought I would help you guys be more hip. You can laugh to yourself when someone who's not in the know corrects your grammar. Suckas.


Much love,