Gordo's last blog talked about doing small acts that can collectively make a difference. His difference-making act comes from picking up five pieces of trash/day.

Since I was in first grade I have always turned off the water while brushing my teeth (and while shaving, but only since I was in high school). It might not seem like a big deal, but that's a lot of water conserved when you look back over the last twenty years. I imagine Gordo has a similar big-impact-by-a-little-act idea in mind. I encourage you all to do the same. Your actions are important and will not go unnoticed.


Less than three weeks remain before Ironman Florida and its probably for the best as the seasonal weather changes are trying to force me indoors. I had to laugh when I went out for a ride yesterday. I put a number of layers of clothing on in order to generate lots of heat to simulate_potential_conditions in Florida. Well, I got out riding and realized that I had actually put on the appropriate amount of clothes and that anything less would have me feeling a little chilly!

Nevertheless, I'll be continuing my Bennett-training until race day.


I saw Greg Bennett running all summer long in his sweats, gloves, and beanie (even when it was damn toasty out). I don't know if that gave him the edge on his way to earning nearly 500,000 U.S. dollars this summer, but it certainly didn't hurt.


Another sign of the season ending is the lack of training partners available. Most triathletes are finished with racing and all the cyclists have switched to the their cyclocross gear. I already exploited all my buddies who were training for Hawaii. Fortunately I still have some ITU ladies that will happily hand it to me for the few remaining days of my season.

I'm pretty pleased with all my training since Canada. I don't think there is much more I could have done with these 10 weeks and I can confidently say that I'm as fit as I'm going to get in 2007. Just need a little more tweaking and resting to bring it all together.

Until next week,