Another few days roll by

After an easy Monday (about 2 hours of recovery training) I laid out 19 hours of training in three days. The format was fairly straight forward each day and it stacked up as:


Morning run on Magnolia Road (8000+ ft); 10 miles in the rolling hills; 74 minutes.

Swim at 10:30; 4800 meters; 90 minutes. Good swim.

Ride at 1:15; easy to steady out to carter lake and return via backside. about 3:40 ride time; probably 75 miles or so.


Morning run from the condo. About 11+ miles in the front range hills. 81 minutes

Swim at 10:30; 3900 meters; faster set; 75 minutes

Ride @ 1:00. Climb 15 miles up lefthand canyon, descend back down, climb 8 miles to Jamestown, descend 3 miles to lefthand turnoff; climb 5 miles to mile 10 marker; descend to bottom of canyon and back to Boulder on 36. About 72 miles and 3:55 ride time.


Morning run at Switzerland Trail (around 8800 feet at start), little under 12 miles. About 84 minutes.

Swim @ 10:30; 3400 meter swim with main set of 10 x 250 as 100IM/150 free. More effort than I really care for today.

Ride @ 12:30; climb 8 miles to Jamestown, descend to lefthand turnoff and climb to mile 15 marker (about ten more miles), descend out of canyon and logged some easier riding in the flats. About 56 miles and 3:05 ride time.

Plenty of climbing in there; both in cycling and running. I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind and I want to share them, but I need a lighter day to get them down. Tomorrow is planned to be much more mellow so I'll knock out some of those thoughts; including my ideas about training volume and fueling oneself for higher volume.


Before I go;

There is a lot of racing going on this weekend.

Be sure to check The Tour of the Gila ( to follow my roomies racing for Team Velonews. (Josh is Cat 3; KB and Dave are in the 4/5 race).

We have about half the city of Boulder racing Wildflower as well as Gordo racing some obscure race in the NoCal Wine Country (Napa Tri or something along those lines). G better be setting a course record there!

AND big dawg Chris is headed to the Tri 101 in Florida.

Good luck gents and lady,