Back in Boulder

Now is probably as good a time as any to sit down and write down some updates. Its about 30 degrees and overcast. Its hard to complain considering they were predicting twenty feet of snow or something ridiculous like that.

The past couple weeks have really flown by with travel, time in Crested Butte, travel, settling into Boulder, and, of course, training.

I finished Lonestar on April 1 and I was on the road by noon on April 2nd. I spent the night in Lubbock and then drove another ten hours on the 3rd to Crested Butte to spend some time with my folks and to drop off some stuff that I won't be needing in Boulder (read:work clothes).

I stayed in CB through the weekend and got in a moderate amount of training. There is something about 9500 feet that makes simple tasks like running a_touch_ difficult when arriving from sea level (while still recovering from the race). I was crashing pretty hard each night, but my body was starting to come around by week's end.

On Monday, April 9th, I headed over to Boulder to get settled into my new home. The condo is home to three ex-pats from Austin and about four times as many bikes. They are all great people (bikes are great too) and I think its going to be a perfect fit for the next five to six months. This will be my longest continuous stay-to-date in Boulder and its looks like I found the right people to spend it with.

However, Boulder has not been the kindest upon my arrival. The weather has been quite cold and I did not particularly come prepared as it relates to winter gear. Fortunately my sponsor, Descente, is based in Boulder and they provided me with plenty of gear once I got here to keep me warm in the windy canyons. Frankly, they saved my ass because I haven't missed a step of training despite to less-than-optimal conditions. Its nice to have sponsors that step it up to make sure their athletes can keep it rolling no matter what.

And their gear is great. Check them out at the link to the right ----->>>>>>


My buddy Blake Becker, has been keeping an upated training blog on his site and its all been about his preparations for Ironman Arizona this Sunday.

Good Luck B. We'll be pulling for you out here.


Blake has been thorough about updating his blog with daily training for IMAZ and I will do the same as I prepare for Ironman CdA this June. Numerous updates per week should be the norm as opposed to one here and there.

Hope you're warm wherever you are. I need to get the day rolling,