Boise Report

I traveled out to Boise last week to race the 70.3 on Saturday. Unfortunately the day wasn't really what I had in mind. For whatever reason, I simply had a lot of stomache problems which affected me rather adversely on both the bike and run. I enjoyed the venue and the course, but it just wasn't meant to be for me on the day. Having a poor race never goes down easily no matter how many years I have been doing this sport. I considered dropping out from about mile 5 of the bike to the end of the run, but I just decided to take what the day had given me. I don't think I have enough race experience to justify dropping out when the day is not going well. Every bad race seems to happen for a different reason and I want to see it through so that I can look back and learn from it. If I drop out; I'll never know if the day gets any better (it really never has so far!).

I'm bummed things didn't go my way, but I've been through this enough times that I know its just part of the deal. I'll be back out there soon enough.

Until next time,