Boulder 70.3

Boulder 70.3 The Goal before race day:


In my mind; it would break down to:

25:00 Swim

1:30 T1

2:07:00 Bike

1:00 T2

1:19:00 Run

I wasn't totally sure on the bike times since it's the first year with the one loop bike, but I still thought the course would be pretty fast even with some of the new rollers on the NE end of the loop.

The result:

Swim: 25:42

T1: 1:40

Bike: 2:06:52

T2: 1:05

Run: 1:20:18


Since I lost my timing chip prior to exiting the swim, none of the splits are exact, but I think they are close enough.

The swim and the bike both felt good and even though I felt tired at the end of the ride, it felt like I gave the appropriate effort.

The run was a mixed bag of highs and lows. I did my best to try and stay on pace, but in the end the overall effort of the day had me running a bit slower than I preferred. I passed a handful of people on the run and a handful of people passed me as well, resulting in 9th place at the finish line.

3:55:37 is a PR for me at the HIM distance so I'm happy that progress has been made. After watching Boulder 70.3 for the last few years, it was great to get out and race instead. Always nice to race at home.

After a week of recovery, I'll be building for the second Ironman of the season: Lake Tahoe.

Until then,