Crescent Moon Sprint Triathlon

I raced again this weekend, this time down in Cherry Creek at a Sprint Triathlon. It ended up being a pretty good sprint race for me, particularly within all the training going on. I actually got in a warm up this weekend which helped considerably with the swim. I was just off the back of the front guys, but it was still a much, much better showing than last week when I loaded up at the start and could barely keep my arms turning over.

The Bike was pretty blah; I just couldn't get myself to crank it out. I probably needed a bit of warm up on the bike which I didn't get (I did run before swimming though) and I really only felt like I had the bike under me in the last 5K of so. Unfortunately just before T2 I missed the turn and had to backtrack. It cost me some time, but most likely not a position.

The run felt good. I felt like I was able to run to the finish line at a solid tempo and wasn't running along clumsily as I sometimes do when in the midst of IM training. I held my fifth position and was cool with that.

I have a couple more training days here in Boulder, then an easy day followed by a travel day to Kona. From there I'll have two weeks until the World Champs on October 9th.

Until later,