Many of you might have heard me mention Dennis Meeker in my blogs. Sometimes I call him Mayor Meeker; sometimes D Meeker 1; but mostly Denny. I used to think that Mayor Meeker was pretty appropriate, but now I think The Boulder Godfather (TBG) might be a better handle. TBG understands the value of favors and I imagine that everyone in this town is likely indebted to him in one way or another. If TBG arranged a Telethon in one's day time, I guarantee he could generate millions based on the volume of donations from Boulder County only. The difference is that it would be done by reciprocal generosity as opposed to fear (as was the case with Brando).

You see, TBG understands the BRO culture. The BRO culture is based around one dude being there for another dude. Mr. Meeker gets that.

ME: Denny, we are riding 6 hours a day for a week. You in?

D: Ok

ME: Denny, its 5 degrees outside and we are going open water swimming.

D: Ok.

ME: Denny, my leg fell off so I'm going to need to use yours.

D: Ok.

Perhaps you have picked up on a trend here. Denny is there when you need him. He was the backbone to my (and BDC's, and Gordo's, and Mat's) training in 2007. In fact he might have gone even faster in Hawaii had he not been so willing to help us (and everyone else) out, but Denny cannot help that he helps.

So now you'll know who Denny is (or whatever I call him) in future postings.

He is:

The Man.

The Legend.

THE D. Meeker. 1.