Last Thursday was my birthday and some of my friends
asked me what I wanted to do.

"Go to Disneyworld."

I had not been to any theme parks since I was thirteen
years old and I wanted to ride some roller coasters. I
decided to take advantage of the fact that I am
currently living near a huge conglomeration of such
places. We agreed to go to the 'Island of Adventures'
after I found out that "Disneyworld" was not the only
park in the area. I never realized there were several
separate parks with different rides and such. Shows my

It turns out that February 9th is likely the best time
in the entire year to go there. There were no lines
and the weather was perfect. I can only imagine what
that place is like during peak visits... ...and
waiting in line during the heat of the summer sounds
pretty rough.

We rounded the day out by grilling some food and
having cake. It was the first day I have taken off
from training in 2006 and I must say it was one of the
most satisfying off days ever. I never had any
feelings of anxiety (that I normally get on an off
day) for one second. It was probably because of the
company. Thanks everybody.


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