Endurance Corner Tucson Camp 2009

Its raining and 50 degrees in Boulder. Quite a swing from my last post where I was complaining about the 104 degree heat. Endurance Corner is going to be hosting a triathlon camp in Tucson, Arizona next spring. The dates will be from March 29th to April 5th (six days of training from the 30th to the 4th). This camp will be geared towards Ironman and Half Ironman athletes looking to complete a solid (and appropriate) amount of training across a six-day block. The camp is geared towards higher volume cycling with opportunities to run and swim every day (with one day allotted to longer sessions for each discipline during the week).

We will provide airport pickup (on the 29th and 5th), accomodations (double occupancy at Hotel Arizona), all meals, two massages, daily bike cleaning and servicing (provided by www.wheelsonwheels.com), sag support, training nutrition and evening presentations on training, racing, and otherwise. And we'll do it all with a smile.

Ok, that might be an adequate pitch for advertising avenues, but let me tell you what I really think about these training camps.

I personally think they are one of the best ways for you to improve as an athlete. Its not that six days of training is going to change your physiology for the remainder of the season, but it might change your perspective on what is possible.

These camps are one of the greatest opportunities to mix and mingle with experienced (and possibly faster) athletes and coaches. Everyone learns from everyone. The downtime between training brings out some of the best discussions, questions, and debates. They are the highlight of the week for me.


The athletes for this camp range from 13 hour IM (or 6 hour HIM) and faster (i.e. sub 8:30 IM) so the ability ranges are wide. Pure cyclists are also welcome as all running and swimming are optional. The camp tuition is $2350.00 with a $500 deposit needed to secure your spot until January 1.

If you would like to sign up please send an email to admin at endurancecorner dot com. If you have any questions please feel free to email me through the contact link on the homepage of this website.

Be well,