few minutes to kill

Well, I'm waiting to go to lunch with some friends so
I might as well give a quick update.

I'm actually in the middle of another serious blog,
but I haven't posted it yet. Sometimes I need to take
step back when I get worked up.

Lunch was cancelled.

Anyways, about taking a step back... ...I suppose I
can get a little worked up, especially with a couple
beers in me. I've been in Houston since late Monday
night (after a super awesome 14 hour drive from
clermont) and I've been doing my best to catch up with
my friends that still live here. Luckily my friends
and I don't need a lot of time to 'catch up.' We just
say 'what's up' and get right back into normal
conversations and such.

One of my buddies and I got into a conversation aout
sociology, gas prices, overpopulation, etc. and I was
getting pretty worked up about things. Kind of makes
me laugh when I take things so seriously, but I can't
help it sometimes.

Anyways, Houston is growing and its damn warm here.
June weather in April. Rough.

The Astros are great. I made it to a game the other
night. I won't pretend to be a huge baseball fan, but
I have always enjoyed Astros bb and I love to go to
games (especially with a big group). My friends are
bigger fans and it rubs off on me. Its also easier to
get into it when they are doing so well.

Training has been fairly light this week other than
running. I've been swimming and biking, but not as
much as usual. I'm racing a local OLY race tomorrow
and I'm pretty excited about that. I take pride in
being from Houston (even though I'll likely never live
here again. I'm done with big cities) and racing here
excites me.

I'll let you all know how it goes. Can't wait to have
breakfast at Goode Co Taqueria when its all over.


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