Football Season

Well, last night marked the end of the Texas A&M regular season. I personally think the 6-6 record is good when one considers where the team was last year and how many true freshman started this year. I think Jesse Palmer said something (last night) along the lines of "80% of TAMU production this season (sacks, rushing yards, passing yards, etc.) came from freshman." I have no idea of the accuracy of that statement, but I get the idea: the team is young. The low points of the season came against Arkansas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma. TAMU was an absolute disaster in these games (particularly against KSU and OU), but I get that. At least, I understand how someone can have days when they don't even recognize themselves. I've certainly experienced it in my own racing. I've toed the line on some days in the past where anyone with a pulse could have kicked my ass. However, I do believe that over time I have consolidated these moments to one or two times a year (Boise 70.3 would take the cake this year). If they could reduce this to 1-2x next year, and less the following year, then I think they are right on track for being the team they want to be. (Especially when the team is lined with Juniors and Seniors that have been playing TOGETHER for 2-3 consecutive seasons).

The middle ground for TAMU was beating Utah State by 8; losing a close game to OSU at home, and losing an OT game to CU on the road. I suppose on paper it would seem that the CU game was the worst, but CU is an interesting ball club. I get to see them play more than any team, since I live in Boulder, and I honestly cannot understand why they have the record that they have (but that's a whole other story).

The high points of the season came with the other five wins (obviously) and clearly the victory over Texas Tech in Lubbock was the highest of all. It certainly saved Kines and Sherman from a lot of severe scrutiny (they still get plenty). If you had swapped that Tech victory with a loss againt KSU or CU I don't think folks would be as confident in Sherman and co. He needed one stand-out victory and that was it.

Now its time to wait for bowl selection. It looks like it might be the Texas Bowl versus Navy or the Independence Bowl against Tenn or Georgia. Hopefully they can close out the season with a victory to make 2009 a winning season.

Thanks for the Season TAMU. Keep it rolling in 2010.