Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

Even though the holidays have passed and the new year has come it is still... ...January. I, for one, certainly want to get the ball rolling towards a new fitness level and I'm sure many of you are looking at your frozen windows and_thinking_the same thing. There might even be some extra pressure on those of you with resolutions hanging over your head. Resolutions are difficult; at least the ones that I often created for myself. In the past, my resolutions were often lofty goals or outcomes with little course of action to go along with it. Today, when I make a goal I often establish what outcome I want and work backwards to establish a course of action to make it happen. Otherwise, those goals are lost just as my resolutions of old are lost. Best of Luck to all of you in 2008 (and beyond). Hang in there.


The Endurance Corner Spring Training Camps are nearly full with a few spots still remaining. These camps are a great oppurtunity for training (obviously), but their real impact comes from the knowledge you gain by exchanging thoughts with experienced athletes and coaches. The downtime on these camps often yields a great return for your future training and racing. It also often lays the foundation for some great friendships. I know I am going to walk away with more than I went in with.

Endurance Corner will be hosting two Arizona camps in Tuscon on the following dates:

March 22-30

April 19-27

Please contact me at justin at endurancecorner dot com or Gordo Byrn at gordon at endurancecorner dot com if you are interested.


More later,