Highline Sprint

Since my stay in GJ got extended I decided to race a
local sprint triathlon yesterday (500m/16mi/3.5mi
trail run).

Since this isn't Boulder, I wasn't worried about
several dozen uber fit triathletes showing up to a low
key race, but I was still ready to drill it from the
get go.

I was fortunate enough to lead from start to finish
with a winning time of 1:10:xx. This certainly was a
good race for my head after a really disappointing HIM
last weekend. I also generated some PB power data
which backs up some results from training this week.
All of this helps as I get everything sorted out for
Buffalo Springs in two weeks.

As I sit here on Sunday morning, I plan to be in
Boulder Sunday evening. I'll let you know if I make

Oh yeah, made the front page of the local sports
section. That's a first.


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