I need to be more consistent in posting

I really need to be more consistent with these entries because I often find myself having too much to write and as a result; I write nothing. I will try to give a quick synopsis of the past couple weeks.

After returning from Sverige I traveled to my adopted (because I'm registered to vote there) town ofMelissa, Tx to have Thanksgiving with some family. Afterwards I left my car in Stephenville, Texas (home of Jewel and a new Starbucks) to travel to Santa Fe for a night and then Crested Butte where I am sitting 2.5 weeks later writing this super, awesome, amazing blog.

Since arriving I have been reviving my relationship with exercise and my lack of recent movement (and the high altitude) have forced me to really_ease_back into things as opposed to_jumping_back into things. I actually think my decision to restart training in CB this year (and last) has been a smart decision. The high altitude helps to keep things slow in the early days.

This past weekend I headed to Durango, Colorado to visit a friend (who I have known since middle school) that recently moved there in May. I was also interested in checking out this town in Colorado since it has been known to have a strong athletic presence. It sort of seemed like a cross between Boulder, Gunnison, and Santa Fe, NM to me. It has upper and high end housing, a college, and a visually athletic community (as well as an excellent rec and aquatic center, but not 50m). I have since returned to CB after driving hwy 550 north in a snow storm (awesome).

I will be spending another 4-5 days here in CB before returning to Tejas (Melissa, Tx specifically). Training will still be relatively light until after the NY. Trying to ramp things up around the XMas/NY time doesn't really fly con mi familia (spanish inspired by Kori) so I don't try to fight it.