Ironman Louisville

Since Ironman Texas I haven't ventured too much into the racing scene. Following IMTX, I had a conversation about the remainder of my season with Cliff and we eventually decided to focus on a late summer Ironman. We tried to pick a race that might suit me a little better than others and eventually we came up with the idea of racing IM Louisville. Essentially, IM Lou is a warm, non-wetsuit swim, a rolling bike and flat, warm run. Its also an easy trip from Denver which is always nice. I only managed to get out once to race this summer (Muncie 70.3) and it didn't amount too much (14th overall). IM Texas took a lot out of me and in hindsight, I simply wasn't training fast enough before Muncie to race fast in Muncie. Nevertheless, the trip gave me the chance to check out Louisville the day after the race and I tailored my training routes simulate the course as best I could.

Outside of that, this summer has primarily revolved around running a couple Endurance Corner Camps and training consistently in between them. I treat each camp I run as a 'race' in terms of stress, recovery, etc so I opted out of extra racing before Lou so that I could train appropriately.

Now its race week and I'm easing into the 'sit and wait' mindset that it requires.

See you on the other side,