January Recap

The first month of the year has rolled by rather quickly. After taking the majority of December off, I started to train a bit and have slowly worked my way into a bit of a rhythm. Since I chose to forego any early season racing, I've been able to build up very slowly which has been conducive to the real winter we've been experiencing this year. Boulder has had a few warm stretches in Dec+Jan, but it's currently snowing and 15 degrees so it has also been experiencing the other end of the spectrum. As such, I've placed a little more emphasis of running, swimming and strength training; cycling has been used in a short bouts while having to be done exclusively indoors. Hopefully, we'll come into some slightly better riding weather when March roles around.

The last weekend in January saw a trip down to the DFW area (north Plano) to work with the DFW Tri Club and Tri Shop. Endurance Corner and DFWTri combined their efforts to put together a 1.5 day long triathlon clinic covering a wide variety of topics. Even though I was there to present, I also learned a lot from all the presenting coaches and from Trent Nix (owner of Tri Shop). If you are in the DFW area, I would highly recommend checking out both of the aforementioned club and shop.

In just over two weeks, I'll be traveling down to Tucson for the 7th annual EC Tucson Camp. If you are as tired of winter as I am (in Feb), then come join us for some warm weather and outdoor riding:

Endurance Corner Tucson Camp

One final note: Just prior to leaving for Texas, I hosted a webinar with Alan Couzens about Season Benchmarking. It was an unadvertised webinar, but we made a podcast recording and posted the PowerPoint presentation on the EC site for people to view. Check it out:

Alan Couzens: Season Benchmarking

All for now; I'll check back in a couple weeks.