Ladies and Gentleman; Conway Twitty

I finally got a solid week of training behind me in 2007.

As 2006 ended I sat around and debated what I wanted to do in 2007. I was pretty unsatisfied with IMFL, but I wanted to avoid going into a 'redemption cycle.' In other words, I didn't want to compromise my recovery in the offseason, or my preparation early in the next season, to offset my disappointment from the previous season (I think I said that right).

Nevertheless, I found myself getting fired up in December as I recharged my batteries in the mountains surrounding Crested Butte. I was all set to race IMAZ, but as January neared I knew my_mind_was not ready for intensive focus. I still needed more time.

As a result, I decided to work during the months of January and February and put my training in a more moderate role. This was fine and dandy, but as February came around I was having a really hard time dealing with the lower levels of training. Its always a good sign to see motivation rise.

While this was hard, I still had another goal of trying to postpone my harder/longer training weeks in hopes of finding the right form with my new A race of Ironman CdA in June. I came onto good form in April/May last year as a result of having two excellent training partners in Florida throughout the spring. However, it was probably all coming together a little quickly as my A race was in late June.

Soooooooooooo, now its March and the heavier training has begun. My training blocks have a frontend loaded component to them which is followed by more intensive training prior to a short recovery block. A four week cycle might look something like this:

7 days of high volume, lots of steady state intensity and some tempo work
3 days of skills, lower volume; high cadence work, strides, normal swimming
11 days of moderate volume with higher intensity; mostly HIM pacing and/or threshold work
4 days of recovery, test day, easy day, test day

Test days can be long; usually AeT steady state rides and runs at this time of year. I might have a main set of a long ride with 2-4 hours of 150-155 HR. Hard, but appropriate. I also might place a race at the end of one of these blocks.

Anyways, this past week was the first overload week and I was very pleased with the results. My volume bumped up to 30 hours (can be 40 at its highest) and I had not even put in a 20 training week since this season began. Not only did I get in some good volume, but I also managed to handle a great amount of quality. This week's key workouts included 2 rides with 2.5 hours (in each) of continuous steady state riding (150-155 HR) and a 105 mile ride on Sunday with a wide range of intensities. I also got on my bike every day this week. My run volume was moderate, but it included a Vo2 workout, a 21k steady state run, a 10K race, and two short T runs. Swimming had a couple decent main sets, but it was generally a frequency week. I always think that something has to give a bit during a big week of training and this time it was swim intensity, but not swim volume or frequency.


Last weekend I participated in the Tom Rodger's Texas Tri Camp (www.texastricamp and and it was a great success. We had a great group of triathletes attend the camp and they were all highly motivated to learn how to improve. I know I made some great contacts and I will be looking forward to seeing all of them crush their respective races this season.

John Cobb, Coach Joe (Friel), Tom and I also had some brief discussions about some potential winter camps involving the wind tunnel at TAMU. TAMU's wind tunnel is more affordable than most, but availablity is always an issue so let's keep our fingers crossed that we can make it happen. I will keep you posted as everything develops.


I will have some updates added to the website in this coming week, inlcuded a FAQs section to address some of the questions that I frequently get asked about triathlon, training, and myself.

It will also include a race schedule, but here it is for those who are biting their nails in anticipation...

April 1 Lonestar Triathlon; Galveston, TEXAS

May 6 Tri One O One; Brandeton, Florida

June 25 Ironman CdA; CdA, Idaho

July 22 EAS Boulder Peak; Boulder, Colorado (maybe depending on recovery from the IM)

August 12 EAS 5430 Triathlon; Boulder, Colorado

August 18 EAS Pikes Peak Ascent; Colorado Springs, Colorado

October 13 Ironman World Championship; Kona, Hawaii


Have a great Monday,