Long Course Pacing

I sat in on an Endurance Corner webinar yesterday and discussed Long Course Pacing. I will post the link once its ready, but for the time being I'll add my notes from the discussion. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Long Course Pacing


1. Long Ride: 8 Miles easy; 112 Mile TT; 10 miles Bonus • Session should not last longer than 6 hours • Water breaks should be brief

2. Long Run • Get to steady pace and hold; Brief Warm Up • Too many sessions are too easy early (or throughout) • Maintaining strong pace on the flats • Session should be capped at 2.5 hours (option of double run day for experienced)

3. Long Swim • Pick an interval distance and hold pace on tight rest (10 sec) • Main Set should build up to 75 minutes or 5K; whichever is first • Don’t use 100s.


1. Swim harder than you planned 2. Bike is harder than you planned 3. Went out too fast on Run

All of these things will likely happen in some capacity no matter what. When it does happen, simply calm down and get back on the wagon.

Most fit athletes can recover from a hard start of each leg of the race (less the run), but it will cost you time.

People take entirely too long in transition; particularly T2. Recover while walking; not sitting

There is no such thing as a perfect race. The fastest athletes succeeded IN SPITE of everything that went wrong that day; and NOT because everything went right that day.