March Recap

The past month has come and gone and has been (positively) uneventful. The first two months of the year included a triathlon clinic and camp which took up a fair amount of my time and focus. Since the completion of the Tucson camp I've been able to string together a nice month of consistent training. I hit a few valleys as I adjusted to the bigger loads, but generally speaking I was pleased with the week-to-week progression. Last week I entered Wildflower and will be racing there on the first weekend of May prior to Ironman Texas. I had been a bit concerned that the race might turn into a duathlon because of the extreme California drought, but it looks as though they have been able to string together a modified course of a 1.2 mile swim/2 mile run/56 mile bike/11 mile run. While this will be a variation of the traditional course, I'm still looking forward to attending a race I've wanted to enter since I started racing. Should be fun.

Additionally, I'll be racing the Platte River Half Marathon this weekend (in Denver) to get my racing legs going again.

Outside of that, there aren't too many new announcements. My Wounded Warrior Project fundraising has reached over $3000.00 and we are almost halfway to our goal of $7500.00 by May 17. If you would like to donate, please click HERE.