Nine days out

Yesterday I left my super secret training spot in
Melissa, Tx and headed to my old hometown of Houston,
Tx. I completed my second-to-last race simulation
workout on Tuesday and I wanted to get here long
before my final race sim workout on Friday. I always
try to avoid key training sessions on a day following
travel. The reason I'm doing my final workout here in
Htown has to do with Blake flying into town on
Saturday to drive over to PCB with me early next week.
Blake has been training hard in Madison, WI in the
all-too-early-to-arrive winter; the exact opposite of
my entirely-too-long summer last year in Texas.

Once again I was blessed with a long drive as the
heavens decided to open up and promptly drop every
ounce of extra water they had reserved in the clouds.


On Tuesday this week I did a workout as such:

3500 swim with tempo 2k main set;
Start ride within one hour of swim; ride 90 minutes
with 50-60 min at IM-IM+20 power; transition to ten
mile run on the track running steadily.

I didn't have to do the run on the track and many of
you might classify 40 laps of the track at a steady
pace to be just about the worse idea EVER. However, I
had asked my aunt to come out and hand off coke and
water every 4th lap so that I could continuously run
at a certain pace to see how my body responded to that
particular pace (and with race day fueling).

Couple things I have noticed over the past few weeks
that might apply to everyone:

1. It takes about 12 minutes (or two miles) for HR,
PE, and Pace to line up (in training) when running off
the bike. Until then HR is low, PE is low and pace is
high. I was running nearly 20-25 sec too fast to start
this workout and I still felt like I was only running
at a crawl. This sensation could last up to 30-45
minutes on race day depending on conditions, how hard
you/I ride, nutrtion on the bike, etc. Just imagine
how much an a rested, fit athlete could run the first
10K when you throw in a competitive spirit and
spectators. RELAX. Look at Sergio Marques' first 10K
split in Kona. Nearly the same as his final split. The
result? 2:43 and the fastest split of the day. He did
NOT take it out hard and he obviously had the run
fitness to absolutely blast the trek down Ali'i Dr.

2. I tend to pick up the pace once I have nutrition
handed off to me. I need to stay relaxed, get the
nutrition in, and continue. I kept spiking my pace and
HR during the workout when after my aunt handed off
the drinks. I also think its important to take your
time to get those calories in. If you try to rush the
coke/gatorade/water/whatever through the aid stations
you'll likely find that you didn't take it all that
much. Treat that coke like gold and take in small
amounts until that cup is empty.


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