Most folks are beginning to start thinking about this season. I, on the other hand, have shut everything down for the time being. I'm currently in the third (of 3) week of my offseason. One primary difference from this offseason to year's past is the complete absence of exercise. I have done little more than walk over the last 17 days or so. I wanted to allow my body a good break after making it run through 3 Ironmans in 21 weeks. I actually finished the last race without feeling mentally taxed, but I won't be racing until the summer. "You have to rest some time." I have not committed to any races for this coming season just yet. If I can avoid the hiccups of last May and June then I should appear in more events than 2008. In the short term, I'm focused on directing a training camp for long course triathletes in late March/early April. We have a couple slots still open so if you want to jump start your fitness this Spring then check out the link below:

Tucson Camp

I'm headed to the mountains this week for a couple different reasons and when I get back I might just go for a jog.

Until then,