This year I made a goal of racing every month from February to November and I managed to do just that. As a result, I learned a lot of lessons and gained a lot of experience, but I was also in need of a good break once this season came to a close. Next year, and season, will be here soon and I've just started to look at the upcoming race calendar. The following is set in stone for the first six months of the year:

February 10-24th; Training Camp (for me) with Cliff English Squad

February 26th-March 4th Fifth Annual Endurance Corner Tucson Training Camp

May 19th; Ironman Texas

June 17th-23rd; Endurance Corner Boulder Training Camp

As you can see, I don't have a lot of race plans at the moment; other than Ironman Texas which is the only race I've committed to for the first half of the year. I will do my best to try and incorporate 2-3 races leading into IMTX, but my choices are limited based on some personal commitments. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it all happen.

Check back periodically as I'll be staying on top of updates through the winter.

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