Out of Buffalo Springs

Its not fun to write the third blog in five weeks that announces me pulling out of another race. Unfortunately that is the case again. I tried to quickly rehab my knee before the race this weekend, but by Thursday it was still not 100% when I lifted the effort when running or cycling. As a result, I decided to pull out of this weekend's event for fear of doing something worse to my knee. I visited several doctors, a PT, and a chiropractor about my knee this past week. The consensus is that I whacked it hard enough to merit a long recovery, but I likely/hopefully didn't do anything "major." The primary risk is if I damaged any cartilage behind the patella because of the direct impact. It was suggested that I take some rest off my legs for a few days and try to build my training back up from there. If I still cannot exercise without pain, the next step would be to get an MRI to see if there is something going on they cannot see (already got X rays and they are cool).

It has been a frustrating six weeks and nearly all of my early season racing has been scratched for reasons that are out of my hands. I have eight weeks until Ironman Canada and right now I'm just focused on getting myself healthy, training smart, and racing fast in August. As long as I don't run in the cold, eat the wrongs things, and watch where my feet land I should be good to go.

Best of luck to everyone in Lubbock this weekend,