Post Wanaka Update

I've had a lot (read:about 5) people ask what I will be doing this season aside from Wanaka and Hawai'i. At this point I honestly don't know. From August to January I toed the line at 4 IMs (DNFing the first and then finishing 6th, 11th, 2nd); all within 20 weeks of one another. I certainly learned a lot in that time frame, but it left me a little tired as I sit here thinking about it. At the moment I'm focused on getting ready for the Endurance Corner Tucson Camp that takes place from March 7-14th. We have been fortunate enough to run a successful camp for the last two years and right now I'm trying to keep that rolling. Once I get back I can start to think about what (and where) I want to race. I would like to do a long course race in the summer, but not sure of which one just yet.

In the meantime, I'll have a 1-2 more articles rolling out in the next couple weeks. If you have a topic you would like me to cover please email me through the contact page. I'm always looking for ideas.