snowing in boulder

It doesn't seem to matter that we are a couple days from May; it still snows in Boulder. I rode my bike to 10,000 feet yesterday without knee/leg warmers and I woke up this morning with a couple inches of snow on the ground. That seems to be the story this winter/spring. Boulder is known to be a great training locale, but the weather this spring has made it a bit up and down. I'm on my sixth week of training for the season and every week was somehow compromised because of the weather. Nevertheless, I think the extra rest has been good because I've managed to make myself plenty tired in the available time. I have another article coming out next week (I think) on the Endurance Corner website that addresses warming up so be on the look out for that.

Next week Gordo, Denny, Chris, Marilyn and I will be running/coaching a training camp in Grand Juntion, Colorado and Moab, Utah. It will be my first time back in GJ to train since 2006 when I was there for unexpected reasons. I haven't ridden my bike in Moab since 2000 when my dad and I went on a camping trip there. Interestingly enough, this was literally right when Gladiator came out and Robin Hood will be coming out while I am there. Ten years exactly from one Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe blockbuster to the next.

Until later,