Soma, IMAZ, and Australia

Its starting to get a little chilly in Boulder. Its not constantly cold, but winter is clearly on its way. Fortunately, I'll be getting some better weather this weekend as I'm heading down toTempe to race the Soma Half Ironman put on by Red Rocking Racing. The course has portions of the race on the IMAZ course so it will be nice to get a feel for what's to come in four weeks time. There will also be a number of good competitors showing up and I know they will push me (either to my form or into form!). I have been challenging myself in new ways leading into IMAZ. It has been an interesting learning experience to try a series of new workouts and watching how I respond. My training has been going well, though there were times when I underestimated the recovery needs of some sessions. Nevertheless, I think its good to incorporate new training ideas so that you continually learn what works and what does not. In a little over four weeks, we'll learn if this worked or not.

Following IMAZ I'm leaving the States for a little over eight weeks. I am heading down to Albury, Australia for six weeks and a couple extra weeks on the South Island of New Zealand. I have never been south of the Equator so I'm looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new people. I might even throw a race in there.

until later,