stamped hands and swim sets

I made it out for a night on the town here in Boulder
for the first time ever. I've spent nearly four
summers here and have never done so. The next morning
I was swimming and the stamps from the previous night
were still all over me. This situation brought me back
to my early years in triathlon when I was in college.
I can remember riding 100+ miles in the South Texas
heat and asking myself why I felt so flat that day.
I'd see various 'X's on my hand/arm and start to
realize why.

As a result I missed BB's 5430 sprint race on Sunday
morning where he finised fourth overall. He still had
a little pep in his step despite a re_donk_ulous
amount of training volume during the first half of the
week. He's getting ready for another 8-9 hour day and
I'm just sitting here typing away as I rest for
Buffalo Springs. Rest is a bit boring, but as we say:
"You have to rest some time; might as well be when it

And I'm going to need that rest. The start list gets
fancier every day. Lots of fast folks showing up to
the Texas Panandle once a 25,000 dollar purse made its
way there.

So long as I'm resting I'll be sure to catch Sweden
when they play England today. Be sure to tune in if
you have some free time around 1:00 MST.


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