The revenge that is MONTEZUMA

Man. Being sick is a drag. Being sick to your stomache
is an even bigger drag. I had the pleasure of meeting
Montezuma last Thursday. I was strung out staring at
the wall like an idiot for a few days. I tried to
cheer myself from time to time by thinking of how the
situation could be worse. I concluded that if I felt
that ill, while driving from Jacksonville to LA on
I-10 with (any) Don Henley album on repeat, it would
be worse.

Well I hoped to get some good training in while
visiting my aunt and uncle in Melissa, Tx last week
but it turned out to be a bust. Since I was still too
sick to train, but not to sick to sit on my ass, I
decided to drive to Colorado a couple days early. I
also decided to go to Boulder via Crested Butte to
surprise my mom who I haven't seen since Xmas (and
Dad, but I saw hime one week ago in Houston).

She was surprised. I am no longer sick. It always
seems like life gets better when I cross that Colorado
border. I love this state.


Marc and BB towed to line at St Anthony's this
weekend. They both had solid races with Marc taking
the overall AG title. BB fought through some stomache
issues (sympathy pains, what a loyal friend) and still
went 1:56.

Good times,


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