The Spirit of Competition

Well I tried to upload a photo of Blake, Chris and I from New Years, but the internet thinks that its a better idea to shut my computer down when I try to do that. Soooooooooo, that will have to wait for another day. I have trained many, many miles with Chris and Blake; though this is the first time where I have trained extensively with both of them at the same time. I know there have been a lot of successful hermits in our sport, but it would be hard to imagine training more effectively without the presence of these guys (and the buddies I train with back in Boulder). Surrounding yourself with people that are dedicated to improvement, but still know how to laugh, is pretty crucial to my own progression (and sanity).

The best training partners are competitive at heart, but not in training. However, that competitive nature can come out in other ways. BB, C and I don't race each other in training, but every other moment involves competition.

It started with the hacky sack. We tried to see who could get the longest rally of hits going.

Then it moved to a Beer Mile around the Xmas holidays. I lost. Chris outsprinted BB for the win.

Then it was a long driver contest on the golf course. (I don't play golf, but somehow I rose to the occassion).

Then it came to who could throw the most playing cards into a hat. I hold the record the most head-to-head victories, but Blake holds the record for most cards in one game (16 from a 52-card deck; pretty good IMO).

Then Uno. God Bless the game of Uno. I don't think I've heard more #%@$ talking than with a game of Uno in this household.

The final competition came by us playing head-to-head solitaire on laptop computers. This involves hitting the "deal now" tab at the same moment and then playing to see who can win first. Its not really a great competition since all three players have to be winning three separate games on three separate computers at the same time for it to be a "race," but its fun to try.

until later,