Thursdays are dumb

Unfortunately my well-thought-out blog post somehow got lost. Not surprising, given my IT skills, but I still thought I had the whole blog process under control. Instead of sharing those thoughts I'm going to simply complain about how Thursdays have it out for me. Yesterday while running on the Mesa Trail (which is really more like power hiking) I ate s**t and crashed both knees into two ridiculously big boulders. I spent the rest of the evening icing my knees and this morning they are very stiff (but not 'worse' thankfully).

Last week, on Thursday, I had the pleasure of dealing with some sort of stomcahe ailment that was likely food poisoning. Several weeks before that, I went out for a run and got caught in a drenching downpour when it was 39 degrees. Three days later I began my miserable May illness which I believe I contracted on that particular Thursday when my immune system was depressed.

So 3 of the last 6 Thursdays have tried to take me down, but I'm still standing. I might not leave my bedroom next week. Fortunately I'll being rest up for Buffalo Springs by then so at least it won't affect too much training.

I love Fridays though,