Update from Houston/KInetic Bodyworks

I'm a couple days away from the Galveston 70.3 (US Pro champs on Sunday).  I've had a crazy month+ so far and to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about.... After the Endurance Corner Tucson Camp ended, I spent a couple days driving back to Boulder.

I spent ten days in Boulder training; then

Spend all day traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Spend two days resting for the race, one day racing San Juan 70.3 (7th overall), then up at 5:00 a.m. the day after the race and spend a whole day flying home.

Spend four days in Boulder recovering and training.

Spend a day flying to Jackson, Mississippi.

2.5 full days of a triathlon camp for Mississippi Heat Triathlon Team (Great group!). Instructing/presenting/coaching all day(s) long.

Spend a half day at the hospital (nothing is wrong with me, I'll write about this trip some other time); the other half traveling back to Boulder.

Spend three days training in Boulder.

Get on another airplane and fly to Houston.  Transfer to Clear Lake, near Kemah, Texas.

Rest one day in Clear Lake.

Race the Memorial Hermann Gateway to the Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon in Kemah (9th overall). Tranfer to inner city Houston where I've been resting most of the week.

Today I'll transfer to Galveston until Sunday when I race Galveston 70.3. Then I'll head back to Houston and fly out on Monday to Boulder.

Good times....

Its been a little hectic, but all in all I think I've managed to do a pretty good job of training when I can, resting when I can, and racing as hard as I can in between it all. San Juan 70.3 was a really good race for me. I managed a 7th place finish, but with two miles to go I was still running in 11th place so the final result was quite gratifying.

Kemah was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I swam and ran fairly well and rode somewhat poorly; which is somewhat surprising given my usual MO involves a stronger bike leg. At any rate, it was a good hard effort that I hoped would set up nicely for this weekend's US Pro Championship. I think the field has about 47,000 professional men on the start list so its nice to have an effort in me above HIM pace.

I'm looking forward to getting another race under my belt this weekend in preps for Ironman Texas on May 21st.

While spending some time in Houston, I've been fortunate enough to take on a great new local sponsor: Kinetic Bodyworks. They will be helping me with my recovery needs along the way to Ironman Texas; and with this busy schedule, I will definitely need it.

I'll touch base post-race,