Ironman Boulder DQ

For those following my race today, you saw me finish Ironman Boulder in 2nd place. Sadly, my placing has been negated with a disqualification. I was notified about 90 minutes after finishing that I had been DQed for missing a timing mat at the far east end of the run course on the first loop of the marathon.

During the race, I came within 30-50 meters of the actual turnaround, but I misunderstood the way the run course had been marked, as did the biker accompanying me. The actual turnaround was just above a rise on the path so I could not see it as I turned around prematurely. I’ve since learned that another pro made the same mistake.

Unfortunately, in these cases, there is no grey area. While my mistake was unintentional, there cannot be a time adjustment, a penalty, or a place relegation. Regardless of the shortness of the distance, it is required to complete the entire course. The DQ will stand and I take full responsibility for the error.

My wife, family, friends and sponsors have all done so much to help me prepare for this event and I wish with all my heart that this is a mistake that I could go back and correct.

To my competitors on this day: please know that I had no intention of ever trying to gain an unfair or illegal advantage over you while racing. I hope that the way I have raced over the years will allow you to take me at my word.

I’m heartbroken, to say the least, but with time I’ll be ok.

Thank you all for your continued support,