Ironman Boulder

Over the last three months I have been involved in an official appeal with USA Triathlon regarding my disqualification of 2nd place at Ironman Boulder in June. Fellow pro Leon Griffin also filed an appeal for his 5th place disqualification at the same race. I’m pleased to share that this past Friday, September 22nd, we were both given written notice that the Appeals Panel “upholds the appeal of both Daerr and Griffin and finds that Ironman shall reinstate the results of both Applicants for the Race.”

The last three months have been the most challenging of my 11-year professional career. I felt every emotion from humiliation and devastation to anger and sadness. I tried my best to move past those negative feelings by racing as quickly as possible, competing in both Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Wisconsin over the summer, but this was always hanging over me.

Since Friday I’ve stared at this screen, trying to find the right words to say. What I really want to do is thank all those that advocated for me when I was too weak to advocate for myself. More than anyone else, that would be my wife, Brooke. I didn’t feel a whole lot of emotion when I read the Panel’s findings, but when I told my wife I came close to breaking down. I had to lean on her more than she even realizes.

Going forward, I hope to put all this behind me and continue to compete in the sport I love. For all the kind words and actions that many of you have put forward over the last few months: Thank You. It has meant more to me than you know.