Blake and I headed over to Tampa Bay last weekend for
a half marathon. The weather forecast kept looking
rather bleak, but it turned out better than we thought
it would be (which really doesn't say much). It was
still wet, and the warm, humid air made it feel like a
sauna. Blake finished 5th overall in 1:15:50 and I
finished 11th overall in 1:20:20.



Dude, my team NEVER wins the big ones, but they pulled
through last night. The Men's basketball team really
needed a decisive victory to up their chances to get
into the NCAA tournament. They got it last night
against Texas.

It had an exciting ending with a three pointer at the
buzzer to break the tie, but frankly the teams were
both playing poorly until then. The fact that TAMU
averaged one point per minute in the second half says
something about the pace of the game. It says even
more when you consider that they averaged more than

I'll keep my fingers crossed that TAMU makes the


I'm about to head to the airport to travel to Dallas
for the weekend. I'm working at the Texas Tri Camp
with an old friend of mine. I'm looking forward to
getting out of town and having a light weekend as it
relates to training. Joe will be there as well so it
will be good to get some face time with my coach.



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