Where am I?

Well February is almost over. Hard to believe we are
almost in our third month of 2006. That means races
aren't too far away so I decided to give a run down of
how things are looking so far.

Might as well go in order.


I've been pretty pleased with my fitness improvements
since Jan 1. I think I've finally established a
reasonable base from the past two years of higher
yardage. It made it much easier to return to swimming
comfortably within a few weeks. I've been putting in
around 20-22K each week for the past 5-6 weeks and
there is quality in at least 70% of those yards.

Boris had a hard time finding his stroke once he
arrived in FL, but this week is an entirely different
story. He swam some lifetime bests on Monday and
backed it up with a hard 4K main set on Tuesday. Looks
like my alledged 'edge' in one of the disciplines is
gone. Oh well. Our cycling and swimming (at least what
I have seen so far) is very close so it will be great
to keep each other honest day in and day out.

He has a considerable edge in the running dept.


I haven't ridden that much so far. Last week I rode 18
hours, but that was 10 hours more than my biggest week
in 2006 (or maybe eight, not sure). Most of my rides
have been pretty steady while working the rolling
sections. Since there wasn't much volume I usually
kept it smooth and steady from the get go on most
rides. Last week BB and I rode well on M-R and had a
damn fun ride on Sunday with Marc which included some
hard riding, especially at the finish.

My Powertap was sent it to be overhauled so I've been
riding blind for the last eight weeks. Frankly, I
enjoyed easing back into things this way since there
is nothing to guide you but your intuition. I think
thats a great way to find your legs again before the
first round of real training begins.

I did get the PT back yesterday and I did a ride this
morning with 2+ hours at 150-155 HR which is a rough
estimate of my AeT. My FTP HR (or LT, AT) is right
around 173-175 so this workout is 20 beats below
threshold. I averaged 238 watts for a 2:10 main set;
so it seems as though my bottom end is ok. I imagine
the top end has detoriated, but maybe not. I will
certainly find out soon enough.


I haven't run many miles either because of an early
season focus on strength. By strength, I mean
weightlifting as well as plyometrics. I have done more
leaping, skipping, jumping, etc in the last month than
I likely have in my entire lifetime before that. If
nothing else, it certainly has improved my hip flexor
strength tremendously. Hopefully this will help lay
the foundation for some better running in the months
to come. I have logged 2-3 50+ mile weeks, but
everything has mostly been moderate as far as
intensity is concerned. Other weeks have only been
around 40 miles (and sometimes less than that).

I did run a 10K last weekend and finished in 2nd (out
of probably 20 total?) behind Boris. I have only run
one other standalone 10K before so this was a PR with
a 35:14. I was pretty pleased with it since it was a
rolling course and it was within a 33 hour training

I'll be running the Tampa Half Marathon this weekend
so it might give me another (and probably better)
insight to my current run fitness, especially if the
weather holds out. I will be pleased if I manage to
stay within 10 sec/mile avg of Boris' finishing time
(assuming he races well).


So I guess that's a pretty decent snapshot of how
everything is going. I still have a long way to go,
but I am in a better position that I have ever been in
the last week of February. I'll be racing fairly
frequently from now until late April so that I can be
in better form for MIM and Buffalo Springs.

All for now, more to come.


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