Australia Arrival

Greetings from the Southern Hempisphere. It took a bit of time to make the journey, but I'm finally starting to shake a bit of the fatigue from the trip. For those curious as to how long the trip was, I'll give you the details: On Friday, the 28th my father dropped me off at the Phoenix Airport around noon. I waited nearly three hours for my first flight to LAX

1:15 flight from Phoenix to LAX

In LAX, I gathered up my luggage and headed over to Terminal 2. Checked in for my Air NZ flight and waited over four hours for my flight to Auckland.

12 hours and 30 minutes from LAX to Auckland.

In Auckland, I go through security again and proceed to have a three hour layover. I drink two strong espresso drinks.

3 hours and 50 minute flight from Auckland to Melbourne.

I arrive in Melbourne, but for some reason baggage claim is severely delayed. We wait one hour to get our bags. I roll through customs in about twenty minutes and meet up with Chris' sister and bro-in-law in the airport lobby.

We then hop in a car and drive 3 hours North and arrive in our destination of Albury, Australia (New South Wales).

Nearly 33 hours after my Dad dropped me off I finish the journey.

It was a long trip, but it didn't seem as rough as some of the travel I have done over the years. My solo cross country drives have been much, much, MUCH worse.

Its now been about 72 hours since I arrived and I'm adjusting to my new temporary home. It will still be some time before I'm training in full gear again, but I can tell I will be able to build some great fitness here while training with Blake, Chris and Marliyn. Its been over two years since all four of us have been together again and I suspect we can do some fantastic stuff over the next 7 weeks.

Until later,