Return to training

Howdy all, The ball is beginning to roll again after a couple weeks of low-volume, low-intensity training. The final race of my season sits a little less than six weeks away so there isn't a lot of overthinking to be done in this coming training block. Its basically split as 2 weeks of general SBR training, 2 weeks of race specific training, one peak week, one race week. Nothing to get too carried away with.

This past weekend I headed up to the town of Bright, NSW to help Marilyn whle she raced the Tour of Bright. The race consisted of three stages: a hilly 80K stage on Saturday morning with 2 significant climbs, a 16K TT on a windy Saturday afternoon, and a 60K stage on Sunday that finished with a 30K climb up to the ski resort of Hotham.

The area where the race was held was in some really beautiful country and the terrain seemed great for riding. The climb on the final day was seriously epic (and this comes from someone who lives fulltime in Colorado). I knew Australia had some hills, but this looked outstanding (from the car).

Chris and I started training again on Monday morning and I was pleasantly surprised to not be experiencing a bit of discomfort from a return to normal training. We even latched onto a local group ride yesterday evening and I was, once again, pleasantly surprised to see that I could get my legs over the top of some big gears again; at least for 20K.

Until later,