It never rains in Albury

Yeah, whatever. It seems like it always rains in Albury. Though it never seems to rain on the days when I want to ride my bike so I'm not complaining. Apparently its normally 100 degrees with rarely a cloud in the sky and I don't think its topped 85 just yet so I'm content. The only thing that the rain really hinders is the development of my hacky sack skills. Last Friday we encountered a bit of rain and I found myself walking along a bunch of store fronts looking for ways to waste my money. I found some solace in the purchase of a hacky sack (for 50% off; what a deal) and I headed home to start working on my back up profession.

I haven't played hacky sack since I was about 14 or 15 years old (I cannot recall playing any time after I left Crested Butte). Even when I seemed to play every day I never really got any good at this "hippy sport." Chris, Blake and I spent a couple hours the other evening trying to master the art of 'hacking' and while we did make progress, we didn't exactly reach "master" status. I would have to contend that Chris is likely the 'best' and I am likely the worst (no quotes needed for worst since it would be applicable based on any standard).

When I'm not hacking I'm usually out training, but I'm mostly trying to distract my buddies while they type away on their computers. When I first got to OZ my computer was a little wrecked. Apparently something was up with something that was causing some other thing to do something which left me with the ability to do nothing. I had to drop the ol' machine off at the local computer shop and I was left computer-less for the better part of a week or so.

I had no idea that a lack of computer could make you such an outsider. Every morning I was left to drink my coffee alone as I watched all three of my other amigos hack away at facebook, emails, or whatever the morning called for. It was as if the return of my machine one week later was like giving me the gift of literacy again. I was no longer forced to access the cyber world over the shoulder of someone next to me. I had my own key to the universe.

Anyway, TEAM jdCMbb are having a lighter training day based on the weather and the shalacking (sp?) we put on ourselves yesterday. We all did a long ride yesterday, but we finished by hooking up with the local Tuesday Night World Cup. The Tuesday Nighter always finishes with a 20K race to the Wodonga city limits. I managed to stay with the front bunch to the finish, but I died and came back to life about 3 times over the course of 25 minutes or so. I haven't done this type of training in some time so hopefully it will give me a nice little training stimulus. If not, well then, at least its fun.

I think its about time to head to the pool. I don't think we can use rain as an excuse for missing a swim session.

Heard it was a high of 1 degree yesterday in Boulder. Awesome.