Boise will have to wait as well

Unfortunately pulling out of races has been the trend in the last two blog entries. I am finally recovering from my illness, but it took quite a pounding on my body. Sometimes I don't hesitate to race regardless of setbacks, but in this case I have decided it is best for me to pull out of the race. My next official event will be Buffalo Springs 70.3 on June 29th, but I could possibly have another event pop up before then depending on my training. Illness can be tough to handle. As an athlete, I have never banked off of anything more than the previous day's work. What I mean by saying that is I believe I am only as good as my preparation. This is not to say that other athletes roll with nothing other than their natural born talent. It just means that my ability to prepare and execute is what I believe to be my strength.

Illness, injury, and offseasons all pretty much set us up to improve over the long term (assuming neither of the three becomes chronic). Once we bounce back and move forward we usually surpass the last height of our progression/fitness, but its crucial to patiently wait its return (in my opinion). Forcing old fitness will only make you as good as you were, and not as good as you could be.

Its also naturally frustrating to find yourself ill or injured. Often times it comes at a point when you feel unbreakable and unstoppable. Two Sundays ago I finished my long run along Magnolia Road and consciously acknowledged my good form. I was looking forward to hammering it out at Ironhorse and Boise, but 12 hours later I had a bloody nose and a fever. Breaking through and breaking down are sometimes separated by a very thin line.

To good health,