Ironhorse will have to wait

Well I have had to make (actually my body made it for me) the decision to not race this weekend in Durango. I had planned to take on a three day omnium competition (road race, criterium, and time trial) over Memorial Day weekend before heading to the Boise 70.3 on June 1. Unfortunately I came down with a nasty little virus that has had me log my fourth zero (aka 'day off') in a row. I would describe the illness as either 1) a severe cold, or 2) a light case of the flu. Either situation is completely lame, but I am forced to be reminded that I'm not invincible from time to time. Each time I get sick I usually have a sense of optimism on day one. I often think that it will only be a 24 hour bug and I can be back on the wagon in no time. Then day two comes along and I give in and lay in bed for 23 of 24 hours. On day three I'm usually frustrated and bored. Today is day four and I am still bored, but a little more optimistic. I was actually able to sleep through the entire night for the first time and that greatly enhanced my recovery, though I'm still hacking like a champ. Tomorrow is an exciting day because it_might_involve a 45 minute bike ride....

...Living the dream...  ....on the couch!

At any rate, once I get over this I am sure I will find good form as May's training has been solid. I cannot guarantee on my start at the Boise 70.3, but if I feel healthy by Wednesday of next week then I will at least make the trip, if not the start line.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend for me. Race hard if you're racing.

Healthy Training,