Howdy folks.

I made it up to the Northern Country earlier this week and I've been settling into my temporary home in Penticton. I have had the good fortune to have a place to stay with Scott and Sarah McMillan (; both of them will be racing next Sunday as well.

The remainder of my trip was quite uneventful except for a little interrogation at the Canadian border. My Texas License plate and my Colorado residence didn't seem to sit well with them. (I currently live in Boulder, but for the last 3 years I have had a rotating residence so I kept everything registered at my brother's place in Texas). The friendly border folks eventually got over my shadiness and let me enter the country. I have not had the pleasure of seeing very much of the country, but what I have seen is great.

I have had the oppurtunity to check out all sections of the course (S,B and R) during my training sessions. This was the exact reason that I decided to travel to Penticton so early. Its one thing to drive the course or see the course, but actually feeling it on the bike can be a totally different scenario. You get a much better mental makeup of the course when you have felt it; as opposed to having just seen it.

I'll check back in a couple more times this week. Keep thinking positive thoughts for Team Good Guys and me. The rest of the clan arrives today.